Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Consent to Kill

After the upheaval that is moving your stuff from one structure to another, I desperately need to get back in a routine of writing.

Without further ado, I'll discuss my encounter with "Consent to Kill," a spy thriller written by Vince Flynn.

This novel had a Tom Clancy, "best seller" air to it, and I wouldn't normally have read it, but an acquaintance of mine, Florian, recommended it highly.

Unfortunately, my instincts were correct. This is a ridiculous book. Mitch Rapp is the super spy who doesn't like to answer to anyone and frequently doesn't. His wife is the White House correspondent for NBC. His enemies are assassins trafficking hundreds of millions of dollars. He's the only one who truly understands what it takes to protect our freedom! If only the bureaucracy and petty minds would get out of his way!

Time to get back to "A History of Western Philosophy." It has more intrigue than this pulp moon pie.

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  1. Aha, the Lone Wolf who is the only one who can Save The World!

    I think these kinds of thrillers are the wish-fulfillment books for the people who say fantasy/SF are wish-fulfillment books.